DTLA - ARTS DISTRICT - LOS ANGELES  4/28/19 - A Sustainable Building Council - ARCspace Prototype

Welcome to ARCspace - a revolutionary prefab steel modular building system, constructed with proprietary innovations in grid independent power, sustainability, and groundbreaking smart home technology.   

Housing shortages and natural disasters across both coasts have reached alarming levels. With hurricanes and fires ravaging an already embattled housing crisis, solutions are needed now more than ever. ARCspace will serve as a living lab - allowing city officials, non-profits, and our innovation partners to be part of exploring and quickly executing forward-thinking living alternatives.

Filmmaker and founder of the  Sustainable Building Council (SBC), Christian Johnston created ARCspace as a unique 1240 sq ft prototype to showcase “low-cost, fast-build” proprietary housing technology optimized to tackle some of the nation’s most critical issues. SBC’s ARCSpace is set to showcase hurricane resistant, fireproof capable applications that provide affordable, workforce, transitional, supportive, and permanent single family solutions to combat the housing crisis in Los Angeles and nationwide. 

The diverse consortium of SBC members and consultants have allowed for a 360° ground-up holistic approach to disrupting the antiquated construction space. Starting at $150 per square foot finished construction cost, “SBC’s ARCspace steel prefab buildings are new, fully customizable, stackable, and assembled on site in as little as 24 hours.” Traditional building of this kind takes 12-14 months to construct and costs upwards of $600 per sq-ft with cost overruns. Our team has entirely avoided used, contaminated container conversions as they are typically plagued with lead paint/ddt and creosote structures. 

SBC’s ARCspace displays the missing solution to permanent and temporary affordable housing. The unprecedented cost and speed we have developed keenly addresses emergency, transitional homeless, veteran, supportive, educational, and senior-living needs, in highly scalable ways. They can also be built to exist in locations such as parking lots (as the ARCspace proves), on unused city/private land, as backyard ADU’s, and can be stacked 4 units high—allowing for a diverse list of applications. 

In addition to being an affordable building solution, ARCspace is equipped with ground-breaking sustainable resources. We have spent years developing and partnering with a proprietary solar/Hvac system that is one of the most cutting-edge examples of its kind. We have also begun working with Nano Tech thermal coating applications, low wattage lighting innovation, and a dozen other
game-changing solutions coming to market.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and the LA City Council have been working to address the housing issue that is affecting not only LA but most major cities in the U.S. Centrally headquartered in the Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) Cleantech Corridor, ARCspace has provided us opportunities to collaborate and team with fellow disruptors to help new solutions open up. We are working with a variety of public and private interests to create efficient, affordable and cutting-edge solutions to the problems of homelessness and affordable housing. 

Southern California alone is in need of 500,000 affordable housing units by next year. The City has roughly 1,100 unused lots—a perfect space for innovative new housing ideas. We have launched SBC/ARCspace prototypes in 4 cities nationwide, with another 20 on deck for next year. With the help of our partners, Habitat For Humanity - ReStore, Meredith Baer Home, Zero Mass Water, Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED), Miyamoto Engineering, Grid Alternatives, Goal Zero Yeti, DryWired, Kitchler Lighting, Moen, DVHQ, EcoLuxe, Schnider Electric, Lithionics, StayGreen Turf and others, ARCspace begins a journey towards changing the landscape of affordable sustainable housing. 

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